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With the upcoming holiday season, there are many travel enthusiasts that are stuck at home. What better way to cheer them up than with a gift that is travel enthusiasts love but can be enjoyed at home. The pandemic is stopping us from traveling right now. But that doesn’t mean we cannot think or dream about traveling. Here are our handpicked travel gifts that can be enjoyed at home.

All our gifts are widely available and are a very thoughtful and kind gift to brighten up the spirits of our loved ones as they are stuck at home during the pandemic.

While we can’t travel, it might be a good moment to reflect on all the beautiful memories of traveling in the past. This scratch of world map allows you to visualize all the places you have visited in the past. While you mark all the destinations you have visited, your mind is instantly taken back to all those great experiences. It is the gift of the memory of travel.

The package includes two full sized scratch of maps, a scratcher tool and stickers to mark travels.

Amazon has multiple Kindle E-readers. They basically come in different shapes and forms. We have chosen this one as it is waterproof! This is a high-resolution e-reader that you can take into bath at home or a pool while traveling. This e-reader is for those stay-at-home travellers that like to read. This Kindle also comes with Audible that allows you to listen to audiobooks.

Whether you are traveling or staying at home, rain is (almost) everywhere. This travel umbrella is good for at home as well as on the road. The difference between this umbrella and a regular umbrella is that this one is lightweight and compact. It is also an umbrella that is made to resist strong winds and comes with a lifetime replacement policy in case anything goes wrong with this windproof travel umbrella.

Noise Cancelling headphones have always been expensive but have dropped in price considerably over the last years. These headphones, which we own ourselves as well, are perfect for at home, in the office and while traveling. At home you can use them to shut off any of the holiday chaos going on around you. While in the office or while studying these headphones help you focus. But it is while traveling when these headphones are worth their money in gold. As soon as you switch on the headphones and play some music, you will not hear the sounds of your surroundings. This is absolutely perfect on a plane. Not even a crying baby or load snoring fellow passenger will keep you from sleeping.

This memory foam might be marketed as a travel gadget, but is also comfortable to use at home. You can use this pillow both on the couch as well as in bed. The pillow is adjustable and bendable and provides perfect support for your neck, chin, lumbar or legs. You can use the pillow at home now and take it on your next journey as we are allowed to travel again.

While most travellers use sleep mask to get some sleep on a crowded plane, it actually is a comfortable gadget for at home as well. This sleep mask both looks good and blocks 99% of all the light. Unlike other eye masks, this one doesn’t put an pressure on your eyes. This kit makes you sleep well both at home as well as while traveling.

This is one of the few items on our list that your beloved traveller cannot take with him or her while traveling. This unique globe is made out of cork and allows you to press in pins. With these pins you can either show where you have already been or highlight those destinations you still want to visit. It is the perfect holiday season gift for those dreaming of traveling while being stuck at home.

Why not use your imagination and get creative. The Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel Coloring Book brings you to 100 of the world’s greatest places. With over 100 line drawings to color in, you will be visiting some of the world’s most beautiful places while at home. After the pandemic you can visit the places you have creatively worked on or take the book with you and finish right there. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts we could find.

While you might not be able to travel right now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t dream about traveling. This book full of travel ideas is the perfect inspiration for the next journey of every travel enthusiast. At home you can dream away to beautiful destinations around the world. When the pandemic is over you can bring the book along and experience those places you read about in this book.

COVID Travel holida season gifts 2020

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