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Coronavirus and overtourism
  • Disneyland Paris has closed
  • 85 out of 117 attractions tracked have now closed
  • Only country with no closures seems to be the United Kingdom

Tourist attractions across Europe are closing down as governments try to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Since Saturday, 85 out of the 117 attractions that we track have been closed due to COVID-19. That is 32 more attractions since the previous time we checked, two days earlier on March 12, when 53 tourist attractions were closed. With so many closures, tourism on the European continent has now essentially come to a hard stop.

One of the largest tourist attractions to close is Disneyland Paris. The theme park has closed its doors until at least the end of the month. On its website, the park is currently getting so many calls from tourists that the call volume is interfering with critical emergency calls in the region. The park is therefore asking people to stop calling. The Mirror writes that Paris has pictures from inside the park while describing how ‘eerily empty’ Disnelyland has become.

Inside and outside Paris, we are witnessing closures across the continent. From museums in Amsterdam to the zoo in Vienna almost all attractions are now keeping their doors shut. You can find each single attraction that we track in our overview of closed tourist attractions due to the Coronavirus.

Despite Coronavirus, some tourist attractions remain open

Although most museums and other attractions have closed, we are also seeing some tourist attractions that remain open despite the coronavirus spreading so quickly. For example in Berlin, where most attractions have closed, the Berliner Fernsehturm, remains open.

Although some tourist attractions within the EU remain open, most open attractions ours outside the Union’s borders. Most cities that see no or limited closures are outside the European Union or Schengen area. This includes attractions in Istanbul (Turkey), St Petersburg (Russia) and most notably the United Kingdom. We have also labelled 6 attractions as ‘Limited’. Limited means that these attractions have either closed parts of their facilities or are limiting the number of visitors.

All tourist attractions in Italy have closed due to coronavirus
All tourist attractions in Italy have closed due to coronavirus

United Kingdom only country not closing down tourist attractions

All of the attractions that we track in the United Kingdom remain open. Attractions in London, such as the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London are all still open. The same for all attractions that we track in other parts of the country. Attractions in Liverpool and Edinburgh remain open. The British government is clearly taking a different approach than the rest of the continent.

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