Last year, we wrote about saving serious money on AquaXpress. We found out that Atlantis was using dynamic pricing on its website, resulting in some days being ridiculously expensive while other days were normally priced. We also found that canceling was impossible if booked directly with Atlantis but easy if tickets were bought through a reseller. In 2023, things changed. Prices are more consistent and we wrote a full guide on the smartest way to buy tickets to Aquaventure.

Overall, the situation didn’t change. Booking through a reseller still gives you better value for money, but the pricing has been adjusted. You can no longer save money but can still get much consumer protection. The terms and conditions remain much better when booked through our affiliate partner (we could earn commission on bookings through this page).

If you don’t want to read the full article, but you want to benefit from tickets with much better consumer protection. Book here for AED 299

So, what is the deal? Aquaventure has Dynamic Pricing!

On its website, Aquaventure sells tickets that are priced dynamically. That means that entry tickets directly sold at the park or online are not the same every day. Busy days will be more expensive than quiet days. We found tickets for sale on the Atlantis website for AED 299 (USD 81 / GBP 65 / EUR 76) and AED 319 (USD 87 / GBP 69 /EUR 81). If you want to also visit the Atlantis Aquarium, you need to buy an additional ticket. The AquaXpress fast track pass comes on top of the entrance fee and currently costs AED 195.

The images below show how different dates have different prices on the AquaVenture websites. These screenshots are taken directly from the Aquaventure booking websites. As we are writing this post, we are only seeing prices of AED 299 and AED 319. The cheaper tickets of AED 279 seem to be in the past.

Better terms and conditions by buying Aquaventure through authorized resellers!

Usually, tickets bought at resellers are more expensive. In some extraordinary cases, resellers have the same price. At Atlantis, resellers are the more thoughtful way of purchasing entry tickets to Aquaventure.

Previously by buying through an authorized reseller, you could sidestep the dynamic pricing at Aquaventure. This is no longer the case. By purchasing through as a reseller, you can still get better terms and conditions. Unlike Atlantis, where no refund is given for cancellation, you can cancel the tickets at GetYourGuide for free! You get a full refund as long as you cancel within 24 hours before arrival.

By buying through an authorized reseller, you can sidestep the dynamic pricing at Aquaventure. Tickets, regardless of the day you want to enter the park, are priced at AED 269. On a cheap day, that saves you 10 AED, while on the highest-priced days, you can save AED 50. For a family of 2 adults and three kids, that saves you AED 250 (USD 68 / GBP 51 / 60 EUR). 

On top of the very welcome discount, buying through resellers will also give you more favorable cancellation terms. Unlike Atlantis, where no refund is given for cancellation, you can cancel the tickets at GetYourGuide for free! As long as you cancel within 24 hours before arrival, you get a full refund.

You can still save money on Aquaventure tickets

Are you visiting Dubai and planning on doing more than just Atlantis? In that case, you can save even more money on your trip to Atlantis. Previously we wrote about the Dubai iVenture Card, but this option no longer works. Fortunately, the Dubai Explorer Pass also allows you to pick three activities from a list of selected activities.

The list of activities to choose from is seemingly endless and does include access to Atlantis. The pass gets cheaper if you buy more activities. But even at the minimal number of activities, which is three, you pay AED 686. You will be paying AED 686 / 3 = 228 AED per activity. For a family of two adults and three kids, this could save you up to 71 AED on access to Atlantis, which is over 280 AED (76 USD / 61 GBP / 71 EUR). 

Making the most of Atlantis Aquaventure with AquaXpress

Aquaventure gets extremely busy on most days. If you are only visiting the park for one day, you might not be able to do all the slides that you want to. For AED 195 (53 USD / 42 GBP / 49 EUR). you can make sure that you can.

You can skip all the lines at Aquaventure by buying access to AquaXpress. By buying AquaXpress, you get an orange wristband that allows you to skip all the lines. Unfortunately, the fast-track wristband is expensive. We purchased the fast track access and shared our experiences in a post: Is the Atlantis’ AquaXpress card worth it? 

Dubai residents save money by booking at Atlantis directly

Dubai residents can best buy tickets directly at the water park as they will receive serious discounts that no online reseller can beat. Tourists, however, are better off buying their entry tickets elsewhere.

If you live in the United Arab Emirates, you can save serious money at Atlantis Aquaventure. This discount can only be used by booking directly at Atlantis. The deal isn’t available through resellers. Residents will need to bring an original form of identification, no copies, to prove their residency. 

Good to know! Atlantis is free on your birthday!

We believe this is the best possible Aquaventure hack there is. If it’s your birthday, Aquaventure welcomes you for free. You can also bring friends and family who will be getting a very nice discount of 20%. You can sign up for the free access pass directly at Aquaventure. Resellers do not offer this fantastic birthday gift! 

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