Not so easy: Buying a travel book for the Maldives

Are you traveling to the Maldives like us? In that case, like us, you might be looking for good travel books for the Maldives. And probably, like us, you are having a hard time finding good travel books to bring on the seaplane to the resort of your choice.

Finding good books about the Maldives is tricky because the destination is primarily a package holiday destination. Most travelers are not looking for a backpack-style Lonely Planet adventure to find the best and cheapest places to eat. Nevertheless, we always want to understand our destinations, and travel guides are our number 1 source.

Because we found it very hard to choose a good travel book for the Maldives, we made a shortlist of books that we either bought or thought about buying.

When buying a travel book for the Maldives, the first thing to consider is that there is probably little that you will do outside of your resort. Most travelers to the Maldives will visit just one resort and will not leave that island. Some tourists hop from one to another, but a visit to Male or another inhabited island is uncommon.

With resort-style vacations, most of the research will be conducted online or through a travel agency. Picking the perfect resort is the only thing that you need to do. This type of vacation doesn’t lend itself well to the content within travel guides. Most travelers to the Maldives are unlikely to pick spots to visit or restaurants to eat at in a travel guide.

That is why travel guides to the Maldives offer a slightly different purpose. We believe travel books are part of the fun and provide a tangible memory of the experience on the islands. For those travelers thinking about staying outside of resorts, they, of course, do offer a valuable resource.

In our case, we booked the Le Meridien Maldives Resort through Marriott and are unlikely to spend any time outside the island. We chose this resort after doing lots of online research and didn’t use a travel guide. Nevertheless, we bought the standard Maldives Lonely Planet, and we are thinking about buying additional books.

We bought the Lonely Planet Maldives to get into the mood for our journey to the Indian Ocean. After reading the book, we want to buy a few additional resources to use during our trip. For example, a book about the Maldives sea life, so we understand what we see underwater, and a book about the country’s history.

After careful research, these are the books that we either bought or considered buying for our December 2021 vacation in the Maldives.

One of the reasons, perhaps the main reason, why the Maldives is so famous is what happens underneath the water. Some of the world’s most fantastic fish and other marine life can be viewed while diving or snorkeling.

A book that tells you exactly what you saw and what you can see will make the experience so much more memorable. On top of that, it could save you from an unwanted encounter with a poisonous fish.

If the price of the previous book is a bit too high for your vacation in the Maldives, this book is also all about fish. It coveres just a bit more than just the Maldives.

Expanded and updated to include an additional 44 species, this is a handy guide to those fishes that are likely to be observed by anybody visiting or diving on the coral reefs of the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean (which includes the Maldives), and the Pacific to a depth of sixty meters.

In case you want some tips to save money in the Maldives, this book is all you need. Super Cheap Maldives is a travel guide for people seeking cold-hard facts to enjoy the biggest The Maldives adventure on the smallest budget. Our plans and The Maldives’s fascinating history, culture, and the underwater world will blow your mind, not your budget. Instantly discover everything you need for a luxurious trip to The Maldives on a backpacker’s budget.

Explore the Maldives with this handy, pocket-sized, authoritative guide, packed with Insider Tips. Discover boutique hotels, authentic restaurants, the country’s trendiest places, and get tips on shopping and what to do on a limited budget. There are plenty of ideas for travel with kids, and a summary of all the festivals and events that take place.

In all our overviews of travel guides, we include a travel book that is made for children. This Maldives Travel Diary is easy to use for children and will be really entertaining for kids making the life of parents much easier, even on longer trips. The book includes: 120 pages, 6×9, cream paper and a beautiful matte-finished cover. The book will help making the trip to Maldives fun, easy and entertaining for you and the kids.

Over the years, more and more people started traveling and overtourism became a growing issue. Although the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change our travel behavior for now, we believe that we will travel again and that the return of crowds is inevitable. This book helps you to Avoid Crowds and is your guide on what (not) to do when it’s busy. The book includes a special chapter on traveling during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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