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“Adventure is allowing the unexpected to happen to you. Exploration is experiencing what you have not experienced before.” – Richard Aldington. Do you have an itch to hit the road and explore? Are you yearning for some exploration via open roads with fresh experiences every day? If so, there are many underrated destinations that offer just that – great open-road experiences! 

Underrated Road Trip Routes for Best Open Road Experience

Consider starting with Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway in Oregon andԁ California. This 500-mile route begins at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon before sprawling southwards into Northern California. Along this journey, travelers get a chance to witness nature’s drama – geothermal geysers spewing steamy clouds into azure skies, waterfalls gushing along mountainsides, multicolored volcanic craters standing tall as reminders of Earth’s molten heart below us – each making every mile worth exploring. Moving ahead to Utah for another lesser-known yet fascinating route is also recommended – The Indian and Nine Mile Canyon trail offers precious nuggets of cultural history amidst scenic landscapes. Spanning for about 145 miles, it circles from Duchesne town which lies southeast of Salt Lake City. Backway offers a rich blend of history, culture and natural beauty. On this trail, abandoned mining towns whisper tales from their past adding a mysterious aura to this journey. 

Heading over to Northern Ireland presents another tempting road trip opportunity along the Causeway Coastal Route for enthusiasts yearning for coastal views laced with mythology and medieval architecture. Originating from bustling Belfast City before culminating its 195-mile journey at Derry, it showcases some incredible vistas. This spectacular route is generously sprinkled with awe-inspiring landscapes marked by sandy beaches kissing turquoise waters under watchful eyes, castles silhouette against horizons colored by twilight hues; attractions that inspired Game of Thrones scenes painting vivid pictures on adventurous minds; unique stops surprising visitors turning regular journeys into exceptional experiences. 

Adventure Responsibly: Safety Tips for Your Open Road Expedition

It’s crucial to get ready for journeys while keeping safety at the forefront. Physical maps or paper atlases have started making a comeback in this time of digital domination. The reason is simple – GPS systems can fail if the signal drops or battery dies during your journey. What you choose to drive on these open roads also matters. The impressive fuel efficiency of modern minivans, with many models reaching nearly 22 miles per gallon, contributes significantly to their rising popularity. This means fewer trips to gas stations which saves both time and money; thus extending your journey on the road with more peace and joy. An open road journey demands a high level of alertness. You could meet unexpected weather like dust storms or sudden blizzards, which may ask for a change in plans. So it’s important you step out prepared and aware. Common rules can make a big difference when followed religiously. For instance, always ensure your vehicle is secure whether you stop briefly or visit a nearby store en route to avoid thefts. 

Open road travel gives people the chance to see places through unique lenses. However, when embarking on such journeys it is important to stay safe by researching potential routes, sites of threat areas if possible and weather forecasts before departing. Being well-equipped with necessities such as spare tires and food items may help should something go wrong during a trip as well. No matter which route one takes though, they can be sure of plenty of thrills ahead! So get ready for stunning views and exciting adventures along your chosen route – these awaited memories can ultimately satisfy even the most daring traveler’s soul. 

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