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Step into the regal world of Belgian history as we traverse through the grandeur of the Royal Palace in Brussels, the epicenter of the Belgian monarchy. Situated in the bustling capital, this neoclassical marvel stands at the heart of Place des Palais, blending royal traditions, culture, and history into an unmissable attraction. This palace also features in our overview of Europe’s best palaces to visit. Unfortunately, the palace is closed until the summer of 2024.

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Why the palace is worth visiting? (When it opens again in 2024)

1️⃣🏰 Royal Splendor: The Royal Palace, locally known as Palais Royal, embodies regal elegance with its expansive façade and splendid neoclassical architecture, serving as the official residence of the Belgian king.

2️⃣🖼️ Artistic Showcase: Every summer, the palace transforms into an art gallery, showcasing the finest works by Belgian artists and introducing visitors to the nation’s rich artistic heritage.

3️⃣🕰️ Historical Journey: A tour of the Royal Palace is a fascinating excursion through the annals of Belgian royal history, tracing back to the reign of King William I of the Netherlands in the 19th century.

Unveiling Belgium's Royal Splendor at the Palais Royal

From the grand façade to the elegant gardens, the Royal Palace of Brussels offers a tantalizing preview of the royal grandeur within. Prepare to be enthralled by opulent interiors adorned with exquisite artwork, lush carpets, and regal furnishings, epitomized by the mesmerizing Great Gallery.

Deciphering Belgian Royal History within the Palace Walls

A guided tour of the Royal Palace is a trip back in time, retracing the footsteps of several Belgian monarchs, from King Leopold I to the current king, King Philippe. While the palace remains the hub for state ceremonies and official functions, the royal family primarily resides at the Royal Castle of Laeken, situated on the outskirts of Brussels.

Encountering Belgian Art and Culture at the Palace

Beyond architectural admiration, the palace serves as a vibrant showcase for Belgian art and culture. Each summer, the palace hosts an exhibition featuring works by prominent Belgian artists, transforming the regal setting into a vibrant art hub. The Great Gallery is particularly noteworthy for its collection of paintings, including masterpieces by James Ensor, Peter Paul Rubens, and Pieter Bruegel the Elder.


A visit to the Royal Palace in Brussels is a royal treat, offering glimpses into Belgium’s regal history, vibrant art scene, and royal traditions. Remember to visit the palace’s official website for the latest information on opening hours and access days, usually during the summer months from July to early September. As you delve into this regal journey, don’t forget your camera to capture this royal adventure’s enchanting moments. Immerse yourself in the regal splendor of the Royal Palace in Brussels for an unforgettable Belgian experience!

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