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Early 2021, Israel was leading the world in COVID-19 vaccinations. The high vaccination rate makes the country extra attractive for a summer vacation where many travel restrictions are likely to remain in place. Israel might be an exception.

The country is considered to be such a safe haven that Royal Caribbean Cruises has redirected its newest ship, Odyssey the of the Seas, to the Eastern Mediterranean to operate fully vaccinated cruises from Israel.

Not only is Israel arguably a COVID safe haven, the country is absolutely stunning as well. Israel’s Mediterranean climate makes it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations year-round. The country is an ideal place to spend a holiday whether you want to explore its history and culture or experience its vibrant nightlife and beaches.

While much of Europe and North America are left in the cold during the autumn and winter months, Israel is a great escape for travellers. Much of the country enjoys weather around the 20°C mark (approximately 70°F) during the winter months. There is also ample amounts of sunlight depending on where you go.

In 2019, a record of more than 4.9 million people visited Israel. It is a shockingly low number of tourists, which means you won’t spend your holiday fighting crowds. Although not all pasports allow entry into Israel, it is a destination worth putting on the bucket list for those who can.

Best time to visit Israel in 2021 or 2022 for the weather

The best time to visit Israel in 2021 for weather is during the spring or autumn. Spring hits Israel in April and May, and the temperatures are mild throughout the country. Days are often sunny and warm while nights can get chilly when the moon comes out. You will want to wear layers you can peel off while exploring.

Best time to visit Israel Haifa

The summer months are ideal for visiting the beach areas around Tel Aviv. The weather can be slightly warmer around the southern regions of the country. The more northern areas around Jerusalem are slightly cooler, but still warm. Summertime falls in June, July, and August, and are popular times to visit amongst international travellers. It is the summer months that peak travel season occurs.

Winter hits in November and lasts until March. Snow can fall in Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Rainfall is quite high during the winter months. It is the low season for travel. If you want to explore Israel with few other travellers around or want to keep it cheap, you may want to visit during winter.

Best time to visit Israel for price

Spring, summer, and autumn are ideal times to visit Israel for the weather and beaches, but it is winter when you will get large discounts on accommodation. Due to the cold weather experienced by parts of the country – its warms compared to parts of Europe and North America – you will find fewer crowds of tourists than during the warmer months.

Food prices can vary around Israel, therefore, most of your budget will go towards accommodation. The good news is that there are a wealth of hotels, apartments and Airbnb properties to rent in the major cities.

From June to September, not only are prices higher in Israel, but this is the time period in which cruise ships dock in port cities. This can drive prices up at restaurants and bars as tourists disembark the ships and explore Israel’s cities. Tourist sites can be busy thanks to the travellers that daytrip off of their cruise ships.

Best time to visit Israel in 2021/2022: Where to go?

Have you decided that you want to go to Israel but you don’t know yet what to do. These are the two main cities to visit in the country.

Best time to travel to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is often the No. 1 tourist destination for international travellers to Israel. Tel Aviv offers visitors a Mediterranean beach getaway. It is warm, sunny, and you will feel like you are in Greece, Italy, or southern France. The city isn’t just about the beach. Tel Aviv’s White City region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to 4,000 buildings built in the Bauhaus architectural style.

Best time to visit Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the world’s holiest city. It is a pilgrimage site for millions of people around the world regardless of religion. While Tel Aviv thrives with nightlife and beaches, Jerusalem is a bit more laidback and ideal for those looking for history, culture, and a religious experience.

Best time to visit Jerusalem

Is it safe to visit Israel in 2021?

Israel is a safe destination to visit. In 2021, Israel might even be one of the safest travel destinations in the world as a result of the country’s succesful COVID-19 vaccination roll-out. Nevertheless, Israel is in the middle of a geo-political tense area. In recent years however, Israel has developed into a safe and popular tourist destination. Due to the political instability of the region, there are always certain risks you need to be aware of. Remain vigilant, avoid large gatherings such as protests and follow the directions of both your government and local authorities. 

Is it possible for foreign tourists to visit Israel in 2021?

According to The Times of Israel, tourists will be able to visit the country for the first time since early 2020. Israel plans to open up its borders for the summer of 2021 and beyond. They can do this as a result of their succesful vaccination roll-out. The entry permits are likely to only be awarded to tourists that have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Although the exact details are not yet known, and there is a fierce debate about which vaccines would get you in, things are looking promising for the summer of 2021.

Best time to visit Israel in 2021/2022: Conclusion

So, what is the best time to visit Israel in 2021 or 2022? If you want to save money on accommodation and enjoy a brilliant holiday, then book your trip for winter. Of course, you will save money but the weather won’t be quite as warm as the other times of the year. You will experience far less tourism and can avoid the crowds, however.

Spring and autumn are the best times for weather. You will pay slightly more than in winter and less than during the peak travel season of summer. You will also avoid the throngs of tourists who descend on Israel from June to August.

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