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Dubai is a destination that can be visited year-round. It, therefore, is really tough to give an instant or specific answer to the question ‘when to visit Dubai.’ People come to Dubai for a variety of reasons. While some are drawn to its unequaled engineering marvels and immaculate infrastructure, some frequent here for its exuberant events and splashiest festivities. There are also visitors who come here just to soak in its historical and cultural side with fewer crowds. If you are looking to visit Dubai but can’t make a decision when to travel here, this guide will walk you through the best time to visit Dubai as per your unique preferences.

Best Time To Visit Dubai For Weather

If it is for pleasant weather you are traveling to Dubai, it is most ideal to visit the emirate during the winter season from November to March. The average day time temperature is 24 degree Celsius and average night temperature dips to 12 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius. December to February are the peak winter months when cool climate takes over the entire region, giving way for a vast spectrum of events, celebration and outdoor fun.

For those who wish to avoid peak cold or blistering hot months, they can travel to Dubai during the shoulder season between April and May or September and October. With the average temperature ranging from 25 degree Celsius to 38 degree Celsius, the best thing about traveling to Dubai these months is that you get to enjoy both indoors and outdoors while grabbing some amazing discounts on accommodation and flight tickets.

 Best Time To Visit Dubai As Per Your Favorite Attractions / Experiences Or Unique Expectations

For Events and Festivals: As the demand for international travel is now greater than ever and somewhat returned to the pre-Covid levels, Dubai has planned some grand surprises for 2023. This is reflected in its events calendar as well. Yes, you can look forward to be part of some amazing events in the coming year that would mostly take place during December – March. These range from Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities to Dubai Shopping Festival and the activity-packed Global Village to a vast array of live concerts and celebrity performances.

For Outdoor Activities: Dubai is one of the ultimate playgrounds for outdoor adrenaline junkies. From sky diving and desert activities (including quad biking, camel ride, sandboarding etc) to tonnes of water activities such as jet skiing, flyboarding, parasailing and luxury yacht charter, you will be spoilt for choices here. And there is no better time to enjoy them all than during the peak season from December to March.

Dubai Yacht Cruise

For Budget Holidays & Fewer Crowd: Most travelers overlook summer months for visiting Dubai. Rightly so, it will be unbearably hot and is almost unthinkable to spend time outdoors. That said, this relatively less touristy season offers the luxury of fewer crowd, along with the bonus of incredibly slashed rates on flight fares, sightseeing tours, activities, and even accommodation with high-end four-star or five-star comforts. Now if you think that you will be left nothing to do on your summer trip, Dubai’s trove of indoor attractions including theme parks, escape rooms, and breathtaking theatrical performances will keep you busy throughout your holiday.

For Shopping: Dubai is called the shopping capital of the Middle East. So, you can imagine the sheer amount of shopping attractions that are littered across the city. There are over 70 malls including the mega Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Ibn Battuta Mall, apart from an array of traditional bazaars, locally known as Arabian souks, such as Gold Souk, Textile Souk, Perfume Souk and Spice Souk to name a few.

With so much on offer, Dubai is a year-round destination for shoppers. But, if you wish to bag some unbelievable deals on your preferred merchandise, it is highly recommended to visit here during the one-month-long DSF when you can enjoy up to 90% off on shopping. Can’t think of traveling to Dubai in DSF? You can make the most of DSS (Dubai Summer Surprises) that take place during the summer months (July – September).

For Fantastic Food: Whether you travel to Dubai during peak season, shoulder season, or off-season, Dubai is sure to delight you with its diverse culinary offerings. But, if you are a real connoisseur of tastes or simply want to sample the flavors of cuisines around the world, there is no better time visit Dubai than during the running of Global Village. This is because it treats you with the gastronomic delights of close to 80 countries under a single roof. But, it is not all about food; you can indulge in shopping, cultural activities and further watch live performances on your Global Village tour.

Best Time To Visit Dubai Month-Wise

January: With the cool salubrious weather, it is the month of ultimate celebrations as some of the grandest events of the year are active, such as New Year events, Dubai Shopping Festival (15th December 2022 to 29th January 2023), and Dubai Desert Classic at Emirates Golf Club (26th to 29th January 2023) to name a few.

February: The pleasant weather and amazing festivities continue with events as varied as Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, Silver Cup (Polo), Al Marmoom Dune Run, Al Marmoom Ultramarathon, and Taste of Dubai at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre.

March: The weather may not be extremely chilly in this month, but this makes it one of the best times to enjoy the region’s outdoors as well as water sport activities. And did we say that this year Ramadan kicks off in this month, from 22nd or 23rd March (based on moon sighting.)

Dubai Dinner Cruise

April: It is the time when weather begins to warm up in Dubai. But, it is still a great time to relax by the city’s pools, beaches etc. Moreover, most seasonal attractions such as Global Village, Dubai Glow Garden, Dubai Miracle Garden etc, will close for the season in this month. That’s not all; the whole city becomes lively in this month with the much awaited Eid celebrations, following the culmination of Ramadan.

May: Temperature in Dubai may be rising in this month, but the city never fails to impress you. You can expect to participate in some amazing events such as Dubai Food Festival and Arabian Travel Market (ATM).

June: The summer season is officially here! That said, you can be part of the citywide celebrations as part of Eid Al Adha celebrations, besides other events and attractions.

July: Heat is intolerable outside, so retreat to the indoor surprises that have been lined up for you as part of Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) that will begin from 29th July 2023.

August: It is one of the hottest month in Dubai, but the city’s many indoor leisure attractions plus endless DSS celebrations will make up for it.

September: It is the time when Dubai begins to get relief from the scorching summer heat. Don’t forget to make the most of the DSS discounts before it ends on 3rd September 2023.

October: Weather is getting better and the city’s most seasonal attractions are back for the new season with the best ever concept as well as activities, such as Global Garden, Dubai Glow Garden, and Dubai Miracle Garden.

November: Tourist season kicks off in Dubai with the perfect mix of warmer days and relatively chiller evenings. Outdoors begin to get crowded with great demand for adventurous activities and water sports. Add to this several lively shows, breathtaking performances and outdoor markets that pop up across the city’s major neighborhoods and boulevards.

December: Dubai becomes truly surreal in this month with pleasantly chillier weather, Christmas decorations, special New Year discounts, fireworks shows and of course, events like DSF.

The Dubai Mall

Top Tips To Visit Dubai

  • Regardless of when you plan to visit Dubai (summer, winter or shoulder season), make sure that you make advanced booking of your accommodation, airline tickets, and sightseeing tours. This ensures absolute savings on your holiday budget.
  • Avoid traveling to Dubai weekends (Saturday and Sunday), particularly during peak season and special festivities like New Year’s Eve and DSF. It can get really crowded with exorbitant prices for hotels, flight booking etc.
  • Get a combo ticket or an all-inclusive pass that comes with entry tickets of two or more Dubai attractions / activities for a single price. For instance, you can choose a combo tour packaged with desert safari, dhow cruise, and Burj Khalifa or the View at the Palm ticket.
  • It is ideal to stay in a centrally located accommodation that offers convenient access to metro station and bus stops. If you plan to explore Dubai by driving the vehicle on your own, bring your international driving license.


Dubai is a place that is on every traveler’s wishlist. Whatever reason attracts you to Dubai, we hope that above guide will help you to plan a perfect program that caters to your personal interests. No matter when you choose to visit Dubai, one thing is definite that you will return with the most treasured memories of your holiday.

Dubai Morning Desert Safari

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