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There is something for everyone on a trip to California. The Golden State has a little bit of everything from gorgeous beaches in the south to snowcapped mountains in the north to wonderful wineries in the center of the state.

California isn’t just known for its incredible destinations – which it is flush with. The left coast is packed with culture, history, and some of the best food in the United States. But what is the best time to visit California in 2021?

California can be an expensive travel destination compared to other locations in the USA. If you want to visit the Golden State this year or book a trip for the future, find out below the best time to visit California and how to miss the crowds.

Best time to visit California in 2021/2022 for the weather

The majority of California has a Mediterranean-style climate. The weather during summer is warm and dry while winters are wet. Summer days reach an average high temperature of 27°C, or 80°F. The warmth and dry weather in summertime makes California ideal for a holiday. However, summertime is when schools are out in the USA. Much of the state’s tourism occurs in June, July, and August.

Best time to visit California for weather

The further you travel inland, the more the weather changes. Summers are hot and dry inland while winters are cool and wet. As you travel into the mountains and hills, the weather resembles a four-season cycle. Summers are warm and comfortable, autumns are cool and colorful, winters are cold and possibly snowy, and spring is full of new flowers and warm days.

The diversity of weather all over California makes it an incredible travel destination. While some smaller countries experience just one climate, California’s size and landscapes mean you will have a variety of weather conditions.

Best time to visit California in 2021/2022 for price

The summer months are peak travel season in California. Most travelers visit the Golden State in June, July, and August. The summertime attracts the biggest crowds to the state’s best attractions. Peak travel season can be brutal due to the large number of travelers.

Hotel, resort, and Airbnb prices spike when the weather gets warm. Although the crowds come out during the summer months, California’s size and diversity allows you to escape the masses. You can trade in the attractions of Los Angeles, Hollywood, or San Francisco for national parks, small towns, or wineries.

Spring typically sees fewer crowds. It is also considered the most beautiful time of the year to explore California. The temperatures rise between March through May, but some areas in the state are still cool – possibly cold. The prices rise sharply once June hits. The cost of living in California is high and tourism during peak season reflects this.

Best time to visit California for price

Spring is beautiful and prices are comfortable for accommodation, but the best time to visit California in 2021 to save money is actually late November and early December. There is a two- to three-week window post-Thanksgiving in which the crowds disappear and the prices come down for accommodation.

Best time to visit California in 2021/2022: What are the best cities to explore?

Most travelers seek out Los Angeles and Hollywood during a trip to California. If you want to avoid large crowds, then you should miss the two locations. However, if you want to have the true celebrity experience, you really must go to Los Angeles and Hollywood to see the top tourist sites.

San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in all of the USA. If you want to miss some of the crowds that flock to Los Angeles and explore some of the best beaches in California, then head south to San Diego. The city has everything and is far smaller than Los Angeles. May to October is the best time to visit Southern California for the beaches.

Best time to visit San Diego California

To really get away from the crowds, go north to Lake Tahoe or Yosemite National Park. You are able to get in touch with nature in the two locations. From hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and trail running, there is a lot of outdoor adventures to have in the northern parts of the state.

Best time to visit California in 2021/2022: Conclusion

The best time to visit California in 2021 is outside of the peak travel season of summer. The summer months are the hottest but most importantly, the most expensive when visiting California. To get the best deal on accommodation and attractions, book your holiday for late November and early December.

If you want better weather and a good deal, plan your trip for the spring (March to May). Once June hits, you can expect to pay far more for your accommodation and adventures in the Golden State.

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