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Hawaii is a beach paradise like few others in the world. Not only does America’s 50th state offer you the chance to spend your days sipping drinks out of coconuts, but it has an infrastructure that allows you to enjoy world-class shopping, food, and resorts after leaving the beach.

Outdoor lovers have a plethora of options for fun when visiting Hawaii. Whether you want to hike, trek, surf, or cycle around the islands, your days will be packed with activities. Hawaii is made up of eight major islands: Hawai’i, Maui, Oahu, Kaua’i, Molokai, Lana’i, Niihau, and Kahoolawe.

Each island offers its own unique reasons to visit from five-star resorts to exotic beaches to extreme landscapes to explore. Below you will find the best places to visit in Hawaii 2021. You can decide on which islands to visit and why you should book your holiday to Hawaii now.

Best places to visit in Hawaii 2021 for a beach holiday

The great thing about the Hawaiin island chain is that you can hop from one to the other during your holiday. The close proximity of the islands allows you to explore more than one and survey the different items offered. You may find that one island is better than another due to its various amenities. Each island is different, so if you want a specific type of holiday, you need to be wise with your selection.

Best places to visit Hawaii for beach

If you want the cliched Hawaiian beach-resort holiday, then you should visit Oahu. The best places to visit in Hawaii 2021 starts with the island known as the Gathering Place. Most of Hawaii’s 1.4-million-person population live on Oahu. Hawaii’s capital city, Honolulu, is located on the island. The city is where you will find most of the high-end aspects of the state including the best shopping, restaurants, and resorts.

Hawaii’s most famous beach, Waikiki, is situated on Oahu. The beach is the heart and soul of fun, and you won’t want to miss the chance to spend a day on the glorious shore. Resorts dot the Oahu coastline making it ideal for anyone seeking to relax.

If you want to get away from the tourist sections of Oahu, you can head to the northern shores of the island to explore the small surf villages. The east coast of the island is a great area for mountain trekking. While adventure is on tap during a trip to Oahu, the island is better served for a beach holiday.

Best places to visit in Hawaii 2021 for a holiday mix of everything

If getting outside and exploring the local landscapes is your idea of a great vacation, then head to Hawaii’s second-largest island, Maui. Known as The Valley Isle, Maui has the perfect mix for travelers looking for a little bit of everything. You can trek jungle trails to spot picturesque waterfalls, lie out on golden beaches, or play on PGA Tour-quality golf courses. Maui is also great for nightlife.

After spending the day trekking through one of Maui’s national or state parks, you can head to Kaanapali or Wailea, two popular resort areas, for a night of food and drinks. Maui is great for travelers who want to get away from the crowds of Oahu. Of course, Maui still sees plenty of travelers with its resorts, hotels, and beaches, but you may find more room to roam.

A visit in winter gives offseason travelers the chance to see humpback whales that migrate to the waters off of Maui’s coast. You can tour one of the island’s plantations which grow coffee, chocolate, and fruit. Hawaiin restaurants and local stores pride themselves on farm-to-table ingredients. Many of the items grown on the plantations are sold locally.

Best places to visit in Hawaii 2021 for nature

The best places to visit in Hawaii 2021 for nature can be found on the Big Island. Often known as the Big Island, its official name is Hawaii. However, locals will refer to it as the Big Island to prevent confusion amongst travelers.

Outdoor lovers will find the Big Island to be the perfect spot to spend a holiday for nature. The diverse landscapes give you the chance to trek and hike different terrain. From beaches to mountains and volcanoes to jungle valleys, you are able to hike some extremely cool places all on the same day.

Hilo is a popular destination for jungle hiking, while the island’s highest mountain, Maunakea, is an amazing place to trek at night. You can sit on top of the peak to see the stars shine down over the Pacific Ocean.

Best places to visit in Hawaii 2021 to get away from it all

If you want a Hawaiin holiday in which you get away from other tourists, then you must go to Molokai. The island sees very few tourists during the year. There is no major resort on the island, which keeps the tourists away for most of the year. Known as The Friendly Isle, Molokai has a slow pace and compared to the major tourist islands of the state, it is difficult to believe you are still in Hawaii.

Best time to visit Hawaii 2021

Molokai offers you the chance to spend your holiday alone on the beach on secluded beaches. Although there are few tourists, you can book tours of the national parks on the island. Molokai is off the beaten path and travelers wanting a Hawaiian experience that adds a dash of adventure shouldn’t miss it.

Best places to visit in Hawaii 2021: Conclusion

Hawaii is a beach paradise with something for everyone. Its islands are diverse and provide a different holiday experience. From the resorts of Oahu to the laidback atmosphere of Molokai, a holiday to Hawaii depends on which island you base your stay on.

Each Hawaiian island is unique. But it isn’t just the natural wonders of Hawaii that make it different and a joy to visit. Hawaii has world-class resorts, shopping, and cuisine that all need to be explored in their own right. The best places to visit in Hawaii 2021 are a personal preference, so depending on the type of holiday you want, choose wisely with the island you select.

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