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Attention food lovers! We have a delectable adventure in store for you. Picture yourself strolling through the charming streets of Bari, Italy, sampling local delicacies, and discovering hidden gems with an expert local guide. If this sounds like your kind of day, then the Bari Walking Street Food Tour we’re about to share is perfect for you. So let’s dive into the delicious details! This post contains affiliate links.

Four reasons why a walking street food tour is Bari's Best Thing to Do

  • πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ Explore the Hidden Corners: Discover the most picturesque and hidden places in Bari with an expert local guide.
  • 🍷 Meet Food and Wine Producers: Get to know the people behind the delicious food and wine of the region.
  • πŸ§€ Sample Local Delicacies: Enjoy tastings of focaccia, salumi, cheese, panzerotti, sgagliozze, and homemade ice cream.
  • 🍷 Sip on Italian Wine: Enjoy a glass of wine as you learn about different kinds of cheeses and salami in a salumeria.

Discover Bari's Hidden Gems with a Local Guide

The city of Bari, located in the Puglia region of Italy, is a treasure trove of historic landmarks, beautiful architecture, and delicious food. Your tour begins with visiting the main attractions of the old town, including the Basilica of Saint Nicholas and its precious Crypt, the ancient Cathedral of Saint Sabinus, and the millenary Swabian Castle. As you wander through the charming streets with your expert local guide, you’ll discover the most picturesque and hidden places in the city, and learn about the history and culture that make Bari so special.

Indulge in Tastings of Bari's Delicious Street Food

As you explore the city, you’ll stop several times for tastings of Bari’s delicious street food. In a panificio (bakery), learn how focaccia barese is made and taste a slice of this delicious fresh Italian bread. Visit a salumeria (delicatessen) to find out about different kinds of cheeses and salami while enjoying a glass of wine. In one particular traditional corner of the town, discover fried street food with the strong flavors of sgagliozze and panzerotti. And of course, no food tour would be complete without a stop at a gelateria to enjoy real homemade ice cream, choosing your favorite from a fantastic selection.

Experience the Modern French Part of Bari

The tour doesn’t end with the old town. You’ll also discover the modern French part of the city, where beautiful opera theaters and luxury shopping streets await. Here, by the famous seaside, you can take in the stunning views and explore the vibrant culture of this part of the city.

Book Your Bari Walking Street Food Tour Today

Are you ready to discover the best that Bari has to offer? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the hidden corners of the city, meet local food and wine producers, and indulge in tastings of local delicacies and typical southern Italian products. Book your Bari Walking Street Food Tour today and prepare yourself for a delicious adventure!

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