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Barcelona is Europe’s busiest port. In total 2.9 million cruise passengers are scheduled to arrive in 2020. These ships will arrive throughout the year. There is not a month that goes by without any cruise ship activity in the city. Although there will be fewer ships during the winter, cruise traffic continues. This is unlike most other cruise destinations in Europe where there is no cruise activity during the winter. Barcelona is increasingly becoming a year round destination for cruise traffic.

Although there will be cruise traffic around the year, there is a clear peak season. From April to November, Barcelona will receive at least 200,000 cruise passengers per month. The busiest month will be October when cruise ships are scheduled to arrive in Barcelona 115 times bringing 384,428 passengers. The second busiest month will be May with 383,220 passengers. Please note that we only take ships with a minimum capacity of 500 passengers into consideration.

2020 Barcelona Cruise Schedule

wdt_IDBase dateArrival timeDeparture timeShipMax passengersCrew
101.01.2007:0018:00Mein Schiff 42.7001.000
202.01.2009:00MSC Grandiosa6.3341.700
403.01.20Viking Star930465
606.01.2008:0019:00Costa Smeralda6.5181.682
707.01.2008:0018:00MSC Magnifica3.0071.038
809.01.2009:0018:00MSC Grandiosa6.3341.700
1011.01.2008:0017:00Costa Deliziosa2.7121.050
Base date
∑ = 34.742 ∑ = 10.293

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