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Coronavirus and overtourism

At Avoid Crowds we predict how busy popular in Europe will become. The outbreak of the coronavirus is heavily impacting tourism around the world. We are now responding to increased reports about destinations becoming less crowded. This includes news coverage on authorities in Italy are reporting massive hotel cancellations. In addition, the world’s largest travel fair, ITB Berlin, has been cancelled signaling a slowdown in travel.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we are re-assessing all our crowd prediction scores. Events that have been cancelled or postponed might still be visible in our systems. We are now working on adjusting the systems accordingly. We will downgrade all crowd scores in mainland Europe. We will adjust our crowd scores until the end of April and monitor the situation closely to see if adjustments are necessarily beyond May 1.

Italy most affected by coronavirus and to be downgraded first

We have started lowering our crowd predictions. Currently this is a manual override of our data model. As a result, we need to manually adjust crowd predictions. We have started the process by working on destinations in Italy. Italy seems to have been most impacted by the outbreak of the coronavirus. Adjusted crowd scores will feature a message under local events: COVID-19 ADJUSTED. The adjusted scores will be available through our website and API.

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