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Covid-19 has changed everything for us travel enthusiasts. Never did we stay home for this long or this often. Ever since the pandemic hit, traveling has become difficult. Lockdowns and closing borders restricted ourr movements, but when you could go elsewhere, it wasn’t always fun with shops and restaurants regularly closed. Traveling suddenly became a risky endeavor due to the continuous fear of rising infections potentially everywhere on our planet. While the world closely and desperately watches the omicron variant, we are optimistic. We expect to, finally, be able to travel again in 2022. And optimistic as we are, we asked a random writer on Fiverr to put together a list of travel trends in 2022! 

Taking it slow during travel

Many fellow travelers have been confined to their homes or home country since the start of Covid. According to science, travel is one of the things people have missed the most. People are longing for long voyages again. Many of us want to make up for the time we’ve spent inside our homes. We want to experience travel again after living in fear for a long time. 

When we get to our destination, we might take things slower in 2022. For example, by going to fewer places and enjoying our journey to the fullest. Unlike before, we will not be running around and rushing the entire trip. 

Most people will be more conscious and meaningful during their travels. That means taking things slower. In 2022 people will most likely instead do one thing on a day and enjoy it. By being more conscious about their destination and taking it slow on their trip, I believe people will be more immersed in the culture of the destination they are visiting.

Travel in your own country

Now that people have been inside their homes and countries for almost two years, many people have started to realize that their own country is a great place to explore as well. Especially with travel restrictions possibly still being in business, traveling in your own country might be the right solution for you if you still want to travel in 2022.

It’s a lot less stressful to stay in your own country and not have to deal with all of the restrictions that come with travelling abroad. In your own country, it is easier to be aware and remain up to speed with all of the current measures for Covid. Another advantage of traveling in your own country is knowing where to avoid crowded places. The last thing you want to do is catch Covid, of course. If you travel in your own country and enjoy a kind of ‘staycation,’ it is also easier to bring family members with you. This way it’s a nice change of scenery for you and your family during which you can still enjoy each other’s company. 

Walking a lot during your holiday

For a large part of the pandemic, countries have been in multiple lockdowns during which many things were closed, like shops and restaurants, but gyms and other sports facilities. This is one of the reasons, besides boredom and wanting to lose the extra gained pounds; many people started to take up exercise like walking and running. Not only was this a great way to get out of the house, but it’s also good for your mental and physical health.

Because of this, many people discovered that they like being outdoors and walking in nature, for example. For this reason, there will be much more interest in walking holidays during travel in 2022. By going to a destination where you can do a lot of walking, you can enjoy the nature of the goal and avoid crowds. Whether you’re just walking outside of a city or hiking in the mountains, there will be a lot of interest in walking holidays in 2022.

Travel on the ground

Being in tight places with many people around us is the last thing many of us want during the pandemic in fear of actually catching Covid ourselves as well. This is why many people will still try to avoid traveling by airplane. There isn’t any fresh air in an aircraft, and you are seated directly next to other people, which makes the risk of infection more likely.

Because of these health concerns, many people choose not to fly during their travels but instead decide to travel on the ground by train or on the road, for example. This way, it is easier to keep your distance, and you can crack open a window whenever you want and get some fresh air, which reduces the risk of you getting Covid. There is another advantage to travelling by car as well.

Ground Travel 2022 Travel Trends

 If you go on holiday by car, it is easier to avoid crowded places at your destination. For example, when you want to visit a city or go to any site at your destination, you can use your car and won’t have to worry about public transport or anything like that. You also won’t have to rent a car to get around on holiday, another advantage especially, because it will be more expensive to rent a car in 2022, because of the global (chip) shortage. 

Wellness during travel

Lockdown was hard for many of us, and this was one of the main reasons people made self-care and wellness a priority; the other reason was that people finally had the time for it. We now truly know how nice it feels to take care of ourselves and prioritize self-care and wellness. This is why we will take this into 2022 with us as well. Why would we immediately go back to neglecting our mental health and not taking care of ourselves? Most of us are used to wellness and self-care now, so this will be another travel trend in 2022.

People will look for a holiday where they can still relax and completely recharge. Mindfulness and wellness have never been as important to us as during the pandemic. People can take this with them during travel and book a spa day, for example, at their destination or perhaps go on a yoga retreat. Taking care of ourselves will still be a big part of our daily lives and our travels in 2022.

Both business and leisure

With many people only being able to travel during the pandemic because of work, given all the travel restrictions worldwide, it makes sense that people will want to go on leisure travel. This is a mix of business travel and travel for leisure where people can extend their work-related trips to have a minor holiday. It has become more of a trend during the pandemic, and this trend will most likely continue in 2022. Especially with many people working from home during Covid, work is a lot more flexible all of a sudden, which gives people more freedom.

It’s easy to stay a few days longer after you’re done with business on your travel or take your spouse with you, for example, to have a getaway together and finally be able to get out of the house. Remote working is becoming increasingly popular, and this will continue and grow in 2022. Bleisure travel is both convenient as it is fun!

3G Travel (not what you think)

3G refers to covid passports for most of us, but our Fiverr travel writer had her take on this. We love it: for her, 3G travel means travel with three generations.

These are the holidays that people go on with the three generations of their family- the kids, parents, and grandparents. We were advised to stay home during lockdown and not visit each other too often.

Especially during the holidays, for example, many families were unable to see each other either by obeying the rules or because of travel regulations. This is why we will be seeing a trend of 3G travel in 2022. People want to make up for lost time with their loved ones and family and a great way to spend some quality time together is by going on a holiday. This also means that there will most likely be many more people who rent villas or other housing accommodations that are fit for entire families!

Not only does this create the comfort of your own home, which is great for spending quality time, but it’s also safer Covid-wise. By being in your own space, instead of a hotel, you have a much lower risk of getting Covid since you reduce contact with the outside world, and there aren’t any rooms where you would come into contact with strangers. 3G travel is a trend we will see in 2022!

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