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The tiny, yet powerful Apple AirTag has caused a stir in the aviation world, raising questions about their usage in check-in luggage. Initial misconceptions resulted from their lithium battery and transmitting functions. But, are they really banned on airlines? Let’s find out.

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What Does The FAA Say About Apple AirTags in Luggage?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, having an AirTag in your luggage is not a safety hazard. The devices contain only 0.1 grams of lithium, which falls under the FAA’s limit, making them permissible in luggage. For more details, check out this report by CNN.

Are European Airlines Allowing AirTags in Checked Bags?

Lufthansa, renowned for its strict adherence to rules, has confirmed that AirTags are allowed in checked bags in Europe. After a brief ban due to a misunderstanding of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines, the airline has retracted its stance. Lufthansa’s change in policy came after a direct consultation with the German Aviation Authority, assuring the low-risk nature of AirTags. Learn more about this in the New York Times and ZDNet’s comprehensive articles.

Is AirFrance/KLM on board with allowing AirTags?

Yes, KLM confirmed via Twitter that they permit the use of AirTags in luggage, adding to the list of airlines accepting these devices.

How Do Other Airlines View The Use Of AirTags?

Air New Zealand is another airline that has given the green light to AirTags. They have publicly confirmed that the devices pose no issue when used on flights. See the official statement on Stuff NZ.

Could Some Airlines Still Ban AirTags?

While most airlines have accepted the use of AirTags, there may be some that interpret the rules more strictly. However, as more airlines understand the nature and benefits of these devices, it’s likely that any initial hesitations will subside.


The journey of AirTags in the aviation industry has been marked with misunderstandings, retractions, and eventual acceptance. As technology evolves, so do the guidelines that govern their usage. While early concerns were valid, the aviation authorities and airlines worldwide now seem to have a better understanding of Apple’s device and its low-risk nature.

Remember to always check with your airline before flying, as rules may vary. Happy travels, and may your luggage always be locatable with your trusty AirTag!

Overview of Airlines and whether they allow Apple Airtag onboard

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AirlineAirTags PolicySource
Major U.S. Airlines (Including American Airlines, Delta, United)AllowedYahoo
AirFrance / KLM (incl. Transavia)AllowedKLM
Air New ZealandAllowedAir New Zealand
British AirwaysAllowedBritish Airways
Air CanadaUnknown 
Air IndiaUnknown 
Qatar AirwaysAllowedQatar Airways
Singapore AirlinesSeemingly YesSingapore Airlines
Turkish AirlinesUnknown 

Navigating through evolving technology policies can be challenging, but we hope this table serves as a helpful guide as you plan your travels. Remember, airline policies regarding Apple AirTags may change over time, so it’s essential to verify the information before your journey.

We aim to keep this information updated and accurate. If you notice any changes, inaccuracies, or if an airline is missing from our table, please feel free to leave a comment in our section below. We greatly appreciate your feedback and contribution to ensuring our reader community is always well-informed. Safe travels!

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