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Immerse yourself in Belgium‘s renowned beer culture with the “Antwerp BeerWalk with English Guide.” This 3-hour guided pub crawl is not just about tasting some of the finest beers; it’s a journey through Antwerp‘s vibrant history and its love affair with brewing. Rated highly with 39 reviews and a badge of excellence, this tour combines cultural insights with beer-tasting in some of the city’s most iconic pubs. From the historic Grand Café De Rooden Hoed to the unique Highlander Cafe, each stop is a chapter in Antwerp’s rich story, making this tour a must-do for beer enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

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Five Reasons to Book The Antwerp Beer Walk

  1. 🍻 Exclusive Beer Tasting: Sample a variety of unique and excellent Belgian beers, each with its distinct flavor and history.

  2. 🏛️ Historic Pub Venues: Visit some of Antwerp’s most famous pubs, including the oldest pub in the city, Grand Café De Rooden Hoed.

  3. 📖 Rich Historical Insights: Learn about Antwerp’s long and fascinating history, including its role as a leading port and fashion center.

  4. 🚶‍♂️ Engaging Walking Tour: Experience the city’s beauty and charm on foot, led by an English-speaking guide knowledgeable in both history and beer.

  5. 🏰 Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle, discovering how beer has shaped the city’s social and cultural fabric.

Embark on a Beer Adventure in Antwerp's Renowned Pubs

The BeerWalk starts at the unique “De Konincklijke Snor,” a pub known for its association with the moustache club and its impressive beer selection. Here, you’ll get a taste of Antwerp’s brewing culture and set the tone for the rest of the tour with your first beer sampling in a vibrant atmosphere.

Experience a Blend of Scottish and Belgian Brewing Traditions

The next stop is the Highlander Cafe, a Scottish pub in one of Antwerp’s most picturesque squares. This spot offers a rich history and an even richer beer menu, providing a unique fusion of Scottish and Belgian beer cultures. Here, you’ll experience a different facet of Antwerp’s diverse beer scene.

A Cozy Stop to Savor and Explore More Brews

At “Refill,” located just outside the busy tourist center, the tour offers a moment to relax and enjoy another round of beer tasting. This stop is all about unwinding and enjoying the more laid-back side of Antwerp’s pub culture.

Discover a Folk Café with a Naughty Beer History

“De Ware Jacob,” an authentic folk café in the heart of Antwerp, is your next destination. Here, you’ll taste a very exclusive beer known for its somewhat cheeky backstory. This café’s traditional ambiance and unique beer choice exemplify the city’s rich brewing heritage.

Grand Finale at Grand Café De Rooden Hoed - End Your Tour at Antwerp's Oldest Pub

The BeerWalk concludes at the majestic and historic Grand Café De Rooden Hoed, the oldest pub in Antwerp. This final stop is not just about tasting more beer; it’s a dive into the deep history of the city’s pub culture. With a lot to tell and luckily also something to taste, this venue perfectly encapsulates the essence of the BeerWalk – a blend of history, culture, and fine Belgian beer.

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