You are currently viewing Antalya’s Best Experience: Suluada Island (Maldives of Turkey)

Looking for a day filled with sun, sea, and serene beauty? Set sail on a small-group boat tour to the breathtaking Suluada Island from Antalya/Kemer. Marvel at the azure Mediterranean waters, make stops at three picturesque bays, including Paradise Bay and Waterfall Bay, and savor a delightful 3-course lunch. An experience that combines tranquility with adventure, this is an ideal way to discover the coastal charms of Antalya and Kemer.

Three reasons to visit Suluada Island from Antalya

  1. ⛵ Embrace the beauty of the Mediterranean on a boat tour to the stunning Suluada Island from Antalya/Kemer.
  2. 🏖️ Dive into three distinct picturesque bays for a swim or snorkeling session, including Paradise Bay and Waterfall Bay.
  3. 🍽️ Relish a complimentary 3-course lunch aboard, adding to the leisure of your experience.

Uncover the Charm of Suluada Island

Escape the crowds and uncover the charm of the unspoiled Suluada Island, a hidden gem off the coast of Antalya and Kemer. The island, famous for its azure waters and sandy beaches, offers an idyllic retreat to nature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.

Explore Paradise Bay and Waterfall Bay

This boat tour gives you the unique opportunity to explore the captivating bays surrounding Suluada Island. Whether you choose to swim in the inviting Mediterranean Sea, snorkel to observe underwater life, or simply relax on the deck, the panoramic views of Paradise Bay and Waterfall Bay are sure to mesmerize you.

Indulge in a Scenic Lunch at Sea from Antalya

A delightful 3-course lunch awaits you aboard the boat, providing a chance to savor a meal amidst stunning seascapes. Paired with the gentle sea breeze and the azure Mediterranean panorama, this lunch experience is truly one for the books.

Discover Maldives Beach: A Slice of Heaven

Last but not least, your tour will take you to Maldives Beach. This pristine beach, with its crystal-clear waters and white sand, exudes an atmosphere that will make you feel as if you’ve traveled to the famed Indian Ocean islands. This is a perfect spot for those dreamy vacation photos!

Convenience and Comfort: Hotel Pickup and Drop-off

For a worry-free experience, this tour offers the convenience of pickup and drop-off at your hotel in Antalya. Start and end your day of adventure without any transportation hassles, making your Suluada Island boat tour even more memorable.

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