Avoid-Crowds.com shows you when touristic hotspots are crowded. By collecting different touristic datasets, we show you when big crowds are expected and why. That way you can travel smarter.

Mass tourism is a reality. Touristic hotspots, especially in Europe, are overrun with tourists from around the globe. With the rise of cheap flights, the rise of cheaper lodging options like AirBnB and more and more people able to afford an overseas journey, crowds are only getting bigger.

At Avoid Crowds it is our mission to let you know when to expect crowds and how to avoid them. With the available data you can easily see when cruise ships offload thousands of passengers in the city of Venice or when a local public holiday fills the streets of Paris.

Did you know?

  • Domestic tourism is the biggest contributor to crowded cities? That’s way school vacations and public holidays are important to watch out for. If you want to avoid crowds, look at domestic tourism first.
  • With more and bigger cruise ships sailing the European continent, cruise passengers are impacting daily life in those cities with big ports. Our data shows you exactly when those big ships are in town.
  • Especially smaller coastal towns are affected by cruise passengers. While Barcelona can handle tens of thousands of cruise passengers, the Greek isle of Mykonos becomes really crowded if only one medium ship is anchored in its waters.

Please note our disclaimer on data accuracy:

There are many different factors that influence how many people visit touristic hotspots. Although Avoid-Crowds.com takes multiple datasets in consideration, the data we display are estimates. We cannot know for certain if a cruise ship sticks to its schedule or if we have all local or international school vacations. For example, we have no Australian school vacations in our system although we know Ozzies like to travel too. Other factors, both known and unknown, might influence how crowded a city is. Our aim is to give you all the information you need to make your own assessment. Avoid-Crowds.com  doesn’t guarantee that shown data or the crowd forecast score is correct. The Avoid-Crowds.com forecast score is a beta release and a quantified summary all other displayed data. This is a manual interpretation and will improve over time. The Avoid-Crowds.com score shows the trend and do not necessarily reflect a specific number of people and/or how a busy a destination is.

If you spot errors, please let us know via info@avoid-crowds.com.