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Looking for a quick and easy day trip from Helsinki? Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is just a two-hour ferry ride across the Gulf of Finland. Spend up to 10 hours exploring the charming medieval city, shopping, dining, and wandering as you please.

🌟 Here’s Why This Day Trip is a Must

  • 🚒 Comfortable Crossing: Just 2 hours on a ferry across the Gulf of Finland.
  • 🏰 Historic Exploration: Up to 10 hours to explore the UNESCO-listed Old Town.
  • 🍽️ Upgrade Your Experience: Opt for Comfort Class or Business Lounge for added luxury.
  • 🌍 Eco-Friendly Travel: Sail on ships awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label.

🚒 Setting Sail: The Journey Begins

Start your adventure by boarding the ferry at a convenient crossing time. The ticket includes entry on board and seating. You can spend your time on board visiting one of the restaurants, shopping at the Traveller Superstore, or simply enjoying the scenery of the archipelago passing by.

🏰 Discovering Tallinn: A Medieval Gem

Once in Tallinn, you have up to 10 hours to explore the city independently. Delve into Tallinn’s UNESCO-listed Old Town and enjoy the museums, shops, and restaurants. It’s a 20-minute walk from the Tallinn D-terminal to the old town, or you can take a taxi from the terminal building. Visit the KUMU art museum or the baroque architecture of the Kadriorg Palace.

🍽️ Upgrade Your Experience: Comfort Class and Business Lounge

Want a bit more luxury on your journey? Upgrade your experience and book into the Comfort Class or Business Lounge.
Comfort Class includes snacks (with ingredients to make sandwiches), coffee, tea, refreshments, daily newspapers, and free WiFi.
Business Lounge includes food and drinks at the Business Lounge buffet, newspapers, magazines, and free WiFi.

🌍 Eco-Friendly Travel: Sustainable Travel Finland

Travel on eco-friendly ships awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label. Contribute to sustainable tourism while enjoying your day trip adventure.

🎫 What's Included:

Return ticket Helsinki – Tallinn (entry on board at set booked times and seating).

Ready for Your Day Trip Adventure?

Secure your place on the ferry and explore the medieval charms of Tallinn. Click [here] to book your day trip from Helsinki to Tallinn and embark on a journey through time! 🚒🏰🍽️🌍

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