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Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich history, culture, and scenic landscapes that make it a popular tourist destination. One of the things that visitors to Ireland should be aware of is the country’s school vacations and public holidays. These dates can affect the availability of tourist attractions, transportation, and accommodations. Knowing when these dates fall can help tourists plan their trips more effectively and make the most of their time in Ireland.

Public Holidays in Ireland in 2023

Ireland has nine/ten public holidays each year, also known as bank holidays. These holidays are:

  • Sunday, January 1 – New Year’s Day (to be given on Monday, January 2)
  • Monday, February 6 – St Brigid’s Day
  • Friday, March 17 – Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Monday, April 10 – Easter Monday
  • Monday, May 1 – May Day
  • Monday, June 5 – June Bank Holiday
  • Monday, August 7 – August Bank Holiday
  • Monday, October 30 – October Bank Holiday
  • Monday, December 25 – Christmas Day
  • Tuesday, December 26 – St Stephen’s Day

On these days, most businesses and government offices will be closed, and public transportation may have a reduced schedule. Visitors should be aware that popular tourist attractions may also have limited hours or be closed on public holidays.

School Vacations in Ireland in 2023

The school year in Ireland runs from September to June, with two mid-term breaks and a Christmas break. In addition, schools close for a week at Easter. The school vacations for the 2022-2023 school year are:

VacationStart DateEnd Date
February 2023 Mid-term BreakMonday, 13 February 2023Friday, 17 February 2023
Easter 2023Friday, 31 March 2023Monday, 17 April 2023
October 2023 Mid-term BreakMonday, 30 October 2023Friday, 3 November 2023
Christmas 2023Friday, 22 December 2023Monday, 8 January 2024
February 2024 Mid-term BreakMonday, 12 February 2024Friday, 16 February 2024
Easter 2024Friday, 22 March 2024Monday, 8 April 2024
October 2024 Mid-term BreakMonday, 28 October 2024Friday, 1 November 2024
Christmas 2024Wednesday, 20 December 2024Monday, 6 January 2025
February 2025 Mid-term BreakMonday, 17 February 2025Friday, 21 February 2025
Easter 2025Friday, 11 April 2025Monday, 28 April 2025


  • Primary schools have the option to extend February break to 5 days by using discretionary days, unless needed to make up for time lost due to unforeseen closures
  • Post-primary schools have a week-long break for February and Easter, unless needed to make up for time lost due to unforeseen closures
  • All schools may shorten breaks to make up for lost time due to unforeseen closures

Visitors to Ireland during these school vacation periods should be aware that popular tourist destinations may be more crowded and accommodations may be more difficult to book.

In conclusion, planning a trip to Ireland in 2023 means being aware of the country’s public holidays and school vacations. This knowledge can help visitors to make the most of their time in Ireland and avoid any unexpected difficulties.

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