10 Best Tours and Tickets for Dubai in 2024

Discover Dubai in 2024: A year-round destination where towering skyscrapers and desert safaris blend with rich culture. This guide offers the best experiences for unforgettable adventures and cultural exploration, making every visit to Dubai memorable.

When planning activities in Dubai, consider your interests and budget. For an iconic Dubai experience, a visit to the Burj Khalifa is a must, offering unparalleled views of the city skyline. Thrill-seekers and families alike will find joy in the city’s water parks, providing fun escapes from the heat with rides for all ages.

For a taste of luxury, consider a yacht tour along Dubai’s coastline, optionally enhanced with a BBQ lunch for a memorable day on the water. Those looking to explore beyond Dubai might opt for a premium full-day sightseeing tour to Abu Dhabi, showcasing majestic landmarks and rich cultural sites.

Adventure enthusiasts will revel in a desert safari that includes quad biking, a camel ride, and a visit to Al Khayma Camp for an authentic desert experience.

For those interested in Dubai’s cultural side and historical roots, a guided tour of the Old Town offers an immersive journey through souks, traditional tastings, and a boat tour, providing a glimpse into the city’s heritage.

These activities, along with many others, are easily bookable through reputable travel platforms, many of which offer flexible cancellation policies for hassle-free planning. Whether seeking adventure, luxury, or cultural enrichment, Dubai’s array of experiences ensures a visit filled with unforgettable moments.

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Layover Dubai what to do

Our Top Picks

  1. For First-Time Visitors: Burj Khalifa Observation Deck Entry
  2. Unique Experience: Luxury Yacht Tour with BBQ Lunch Option
  3. Best Adventure: Desert Safari with Quad Bike, Camel Ride & Al Khayma Camp
  4. Best Cultural Activity: Museum of the Future (sells out quickly!)
  5. Best Day Trip: Abu Dhabi Premium Full-Day Sightseeing Tour
  6. Best Water Park Adventure: Aquaventure at Atlantis

How to Choose


First Time Visitors

Burj Khalifa Timed Entry Tickets

Burj Khalifa Observation Deck(s)

Begin your Dubai adventure with a visit to the Burj Khalifa’s Observation Deck, the tallest structure in the world. Experience breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyline and beyond, learning about the architectural marvel that towers over the city. This iconic experience is a must-do for every first-time visitor.

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Unique Experience

Private Yacht Charter from Dubai Marina

Luxury Yacht Tour at Sunset

Set sail on a luxury yacht tour along Dubai’s magnificent coastline. Enjoy the skyline from the water, with an option to add a gourmet BBQ lunch onboard. This unique experience offers a different perspective of Dubai’s luxury and beauty, perfect for those looking for an exclusive adventure.

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Best Adventure

Embark on Elegance- Exclusive Heritage Land Rover Desert Tour in Dubai

Desert Safari with Quad, Camel Ride & Al Khayma Camp

Desert Safari with Quad Bike, Camel Ride & Al Khayma Camp
Embark on an exhilarating desert safari that includes quad biking through the dunes, a camel ride, and a cultural evening at Al Khayma Camp. This adventure offers a thrilling and authentic experience of the Arabian desert, packed with activities and cultural insights.

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Best Culture

Dubai Museum of the future tickets

Museum of the Future (sells out quickly!)

Explore the Museum of the Future, a journey into the world of tomorrow. Discover innovative exhibits and interactive installations that envision the future of technology, health, and society. This museum is a testament to Dubai’s vision and is a must-visit for culture and tech enthusiasts alike.

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Day Trips from Dubai

Avoid Crowds Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Premium Full-Day Sightseeing Tour

Experience the best of Abu Dhabi on a premium full-day sightseeing tour from Dubai. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, see the Emirates Palace, and explore the art and culture of the UAE’s capital. This day trip offers a comprehensive look at Abu Dhabi’s highlights, making it an ideal choice for those wanting to explore beyond Dubai.

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Best Water Park

Aquaventure Dubai

Aquaventure at Atlantis

Dive into the fun at Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis, The Palm. With thrilling slides, a shark-filled lagoon, and relaxing beaches, Aquaventure offers excitement for all ages. It’s the perfect escape for families and thrill-seekers looking to cool off and enjoy some adrenaline-pumping activities.

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Burj Khalifa Timed Entry Tickets


The Best Excursion for First-Time Visitors to Dubai

First-time visitors to Dubai should embark on a journey that showcases both the soaring heights and the deep cultural roots of the city. A visit to the Burj Khalifa’s observation deck is essential for breathtaking views of Dubai’s futuristic skyline and the vast desert beyond. Exploring the Dubai Mall offers not just shopping but also a glimpse into the leisure and entertainment pursuits available in the city. For a taste of Dubai’s history and traditional life, a guided tour of the Old Town with its bustling souks and historic architecture is a must. Beyond the gleam of modernity, discovering Dubai’s heritage areas provides a deeper understanding of its culture and origins. This blend of experiences offers a comprehensive introduction to Dubai, making every moment count for those new to its wonders.

1. Burj Khalifa Level 124 and 125 Entry Ticket

Burj Khalifa Skip the Line

Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s Premier Attraction for First-Time Visitors. Explore the different observation decks of Burj Khalifa. Read More.

What to Expect

The Burj Khalifa Experience is a meticulously designed journey for those visiting the towering marvel for the first time. Embark on an adventure that takes you to the skies, offering an unparalleled view of Dubai and beyond from the world’s tallest building. As you ascend to the 124th and 125th floors (or higher), every vista presents the city in a new light, wrapped in the grandeur of the Arabian Gulf.

This tour is an excellent choice for first-time visitors because of its expansive scope. It not only provides access to breathtaking 360-degree panoramas but also delves into the architectural genius and technological innovations behind the skyscraper’s construction. The experience extends beyond mere sightseeing, offering an engaging narrative on Dubai’s ambitious skyline.

Visitors are treated to the spectacle of the Dubai Fountain show from an exceptional vantage point, adding a memorable soundtrack to the visual splendor of the city. The journey through the Burj Khalifa is not just about the views; it’s an educational experience, enriched with facts about the building’s design and significance.

The carefully paced tour ensures ample time for guests to explore, take photographs, and use the telescopes for closer looks at landmarks. With GetYourGuide’s expert planning, including skip-the-line tickets and the convenience of booking through an authorized ticket seller for Burj Khalifa, your visit is guaranteed to be seamless and fulfilling.

This is more than an entry ticket; it’s a passport to experiencing the heart of Dubai’s innovation and luxury. The perfect mix of awe-inspiring sights, educational content, and efficient access makes this experience a must-do for anyone’s first visit to Dubai. Read more on GetYourGuide.com

Reasons to Book This Tour

  • 🌟 An essential experience for first-timers, showcasing Dubai from the skies.
  • 🤫 Includes exclusive insights into the construction and history of the world’s tallest building.
  • 🕰️ Enjoy fast-track access with the world’s fastest elevator, avoiding long waits.
  • GetYourGuide is an authorized ticket seller for Burj Khalifa.

Reasons to Opt for an Alternative Tour:

  • 💰 The cost might be a consideration; the ticket price reflects the exclusivity and height of the experience.
  • 👥 Those with a fear of heights may prefer to admire the tower from the ground.
  • 🕑 Visitors with time constraints might opt for shorter, more localized experiences.

2. Dubai Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Dubai Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Experience Dubai’s best with the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. Flexible, fun, and cool, it’s the ultimate way to see the city’s sights in style. Perfect for first-timers!

What to Expect

Embark on an adventure that takes you through the heart of Dubai’s most famous sights. From the architectural splendor of the Burj Khalifa and the luxurious Atlantis the Palm to the vibrant energy of the Dubai Marina and the traditional charm of the Old Souk, this tour covers it all. The open-top bus provides panoramic views, ensuring you don’t miss a thing, while the included audio guide offers insights into Dubai’s rich history and culture in 11 languages.

This hop-on hop-off tour grants the freedom to explore at your own pace. Whether you’re captivated by the modern marvels or the historical districts, you can hop off to explore further and hop back on when you’re ready to continue. The Sunset and Night Tour, included with your ticket, presents Dubai in a different light, showcasing its illuminated beauty after dark.

Two distinct routes, the Historical (Red) Route and the Marina (Blue) Route, offer diverse perspectives of the city. With stops strategically placed near all major sights, you’re assured of a comprehensive Dubai experience. The convenience of mobile and printed vouchers accepted at all stops, along with free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, makes this tour exceptionally visitor-friendly. Read more on GetYourGuide.com.

Reasons to Book This Tour

  • 🌇 Unmatched Flexibility: Choose from 24, 48, or 72-hour tickets to explore Dubai at your own pace.
  • 📸 Iconic Sights Guaranteed: From the Burj Khalifa to the Palm Jumeirah, see all the major landmarks effortlessly.
  • 🎧 Cultural Insights: Learn about Dubai’s rich history and modern marvels through an engaging audio guide.

Reasons to Opt for an Alternative Tour:

  • 🚶‍♂️ Seeking Depth: If you prefer deep-dives into specific sites with thorough guided tours, a bus tour might feel too overview-focused.
  • 🕒 Very Tight Schedule: Those with extremely limited time might find selecting one or two must-see destinations more manageable.
  • 💤 Crave Personal Interaction: If the personal touch and tailored insights of a live guide are what you seek, an audio-guided tour might not fully satisfy.
Private Yacht Charter from Dubai Marina


Dubai’s Signature Experiences for the Adventurous

In Dubai, where ancient history is scarce, the city compensates with unparalleled unique experiences that define its luxurious and adventurous spirit. Glide over serene waters on a luxury yacht, marveling at architectural wonders like the Burj Al Arab, or ascend the skies in a hot air balloon to greet the desert dawn. These experiences offer a glimpse into Dubai’s blend of opulence and untouched landscapes, providing adventures that no other city can match. Whether at sea or in the air, Dubai turns every moment into a lavish narrative of discovery.

3. A Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Odyssey in Dubai's Dawning Desert

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Vintage Land Rover Ride & Breakfast from Dubai

Embark on a breathtaking journey with the Dubai Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Tour, where you’ll witness the desert awaken from 4000 feet above, revealing camels, oryx, and the serene beauty of the vast landscape beneath the first light of dawn.

What to Expect

The Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Tour over Dubai’s desert offers an unparalleled experience that transcends the ordinary. Beginning with a warm welcome and a comforting hot beverage in the predawn coolness, this journey is designed to awaken your senses and prepare you for the spectacle ahead. As you are whisked away from the bustling city to the serene expanse of the desert, the anticipation builds until you find yourself standing at the edge of an unforgettable adventure.

The moment of lift-off is both exhilarating and serene, as the balloon gently rises and the horizon stretches endlessly before you. As the sun peeks over the vast dunes, the desert comes alive with a palette of colors that seem to dance across the landscape. From an altitude of 4000 feet, you are privy to a world few get to see—where the tranquility of the desert meets the majesty of the sunrise in perfect harmony.

Throughout the 40-70 minute flight, your experienced pilot guides the balloon over iconic desert scenes, offering not just breathtaking views but also sharing insights into the desert’s ecology and the wildlife that calls it home. This is a unique opportunity to spot Arabian oryx, sand gazelles, and other fauna in their natural habitat, a sight that is as rare as it is captivating.

The tour’s thoughtful itinerary ensures a comfortable and seamless experience from start to finish. Beginning with convenient pick-up service from your Dubai accommodation, you’re transported to and from the launch site in comfort. The inclusion of a welcome beverage and the presentation of an electronic flight certificate upon landing adds a personal touch that commemorates your journey.

This Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Tour is not just a flight; it’s an exploration of the desert’s hidden beauty, witnessed from a vantage point like no other. It invites you to be part of the desert’s waking life, to see the world from a new perspective, and to carry with you memories of the calm and splendor of the desert at dawn.

This experience is crafted for those who seek to marvel at the natural world, for adventurers yearning for tranquility and exhilaration in equal measure, and for anyone wishing to step away from the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s an invitation to witness the desert as it has never been seen before, bathed in the first light of day, from the silence and splendor of the skies. Read More on GetYourGuide.

Reasons to Book This Tour

  • 🌅 Sunrise Spectacle: Ideal for early risers and photography enthusiasts eager to capture the desert’s magical sunrise.
  • 🎈 Adventure Seekers: Perfect for those looking for a thrilling yet peaceful experience high above the ground.
  • 🌾 Nature Lovers: A must-do for wildlife enthusiasts keen on spotting desert animals in their natural surroundings.

Reasons to Opt for an Alternative Tour:

  • Not a Morning Person: Starting early, it requires waking up before dawn, which might not suit everyone.
  • 🎈 Fear of Heights: Not suitable for those with a fear of flying or heights.
  • 💰 Budget Constraints: May be considered a premium experience with a price to match, which might not fit everyone’s budget.

4. Dubai Luxury Yacht Tour

Private Yacht Charter from Dubai Marina

Set sail on a journey of luxury along Dubai’s coastline with an exclusive Yacht Tour, featuring close-up views of iconic landmarks and the option to indulge in a gourmet BBQ lunch on the azure waters

What to Expect

Embark on a voyage of discovery and luxury with the Dubai Luxury Yacht Tour, an experience that blends scenic views, culinary delights, and unparalleled service. Departing from the Dubai Harbour, this guided tour navigates through the city’s magnificent marina, past the awe-inspiring Bluewaters Island, and around the iconic Palm Jumeirah archipelago, offering unique perspectives of Dubai’s most famous landmarks, including the majestic Burj Al Arab and the captivating Atlantis, The Palm.

As you glide over the crystal-clear waters, enjoy the yacht’s exquisite amenities, including a full food and drink service, with the option to elevate your experience further with a freshly prepared BBQ lunch. The state-of-the-art virtual tour guide shares fascinating insights, ensuring you don’t just see Dubai’s wonders but truly understand their significance.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a unique family outing, or a luxurious escape with friends, this yacht tour promises comfort, style, and memories that will last a lifetime. With durations ranging from one to three hours, you can tailor your sea adventure to suit your schedule, all while lounging in the opulence that Dubai is renowned for. From capturing breathtaking photos to sipping on non-alcoholic drinks with the skyline as your backdrop, this tour offers a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle Dubai embodies. Read more on GetYourGuide.

Reasons to Book This Tour

  • 🌅 Sunrise Spectacle: Ideal for early risers and photography enthusiasts eager to capture the desert’s magical sunrise.
  • 🎈 Adventure Seekers: Perfect for those looking for a thrilling yet peaceful experience high above the ground.
  • 🌾 Nature Lovers: A must-do for wildlife enthusiasts keen on spotting desert animals in their natural surroundings.

Reasons to Opt for an Alternative Tour:

  • Not a Morning Person: Starting early, it requires waking up before dawn, which might not suit everyone.
  • 🎈 Fear of Heights: Not suitable for those with a fear of flying or heights.
  • 💰 Budget Constraints: May be considered a premium experience with a price to match, which might not fit everyone’s budget.
Dubai Sandboarding at Desert Safari


Desert Thrills: The Best Safari Tours in Dubai

Discover the thrill and beauty of Dubai’s desert through a variety of exhilarating safaris and activities. From the adrenaline-pumping dune bashing and quad biking to serene camel rides at sunset, these adventures offer a unique blend of excitement and cultural immersion. Experience the essence of the Arabian wilderness at desert camps with traditional BBQ dinners and live entertainment, all under the vast, starlit sky. Exploring Dubai’s desert is an unforgettable journey into a landscape of stunning contrasts and natural beauty, providing a perfect complement to the city’s urban allure.

5. Dubai's Ultimate Desert Adventure

Dubai Sandboarding at Desert Safari

Dive into the heart of the Dubai desert with an adrenaline-pumping safari that offers dune bashing, sandboarding, camel rides, and the thrill of quad biking, capped off with the option of a traditional BBQ under the stars.

What to Expect

The Dubai Desert Safari is an adventure-packed experience that invites you to explore the vastness of the Arabian desert in the most thrilling ways imaginable. From the moment you’re picked up from your accommodation, you embark on a journey that promises not just excitement but a deep dive into the desert culture. Your adventure begins with a heart-thumping dune bashing session in a 4×4, masterfully navigated by a trained driver, across the majestic Red Dunes of Lahbab. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you slide down dunes on a sandboard, a unique experience that blends surfing with the desert landscape.

For those seeking an extra dose of adventure, the optional quad bike ride offers the chance to conquer the dunes on your terms. Following the thrills, a more serene experience awaits as you ride camels in a caravan, offering a traditional glimpse into desert life. The optional extended tour enhances your experience with a visit to the Al Khayma Camp, where you can enjoy local snacks, witness a breathtaking desert sunset, and engage in activities like falconry, henna painting, and shisha smoking. Culminate your desert odyssey with a sumptuous BBQ dinner while enjoying Tanoura, fire shows, and traditional Khaliji dance performances under the starlit sky.

This desert safari is not just an adventure; it’s a cultural immersion, offering a blend of exhilaration, tradition, and relaxation. With flexible durations, and inclusive of all transportation and activities, it’s a seamless and unforgettable way to experience the beauty and thrill of the Dubai desert. Find the Dubai Desert Aventure on GetYourGuide.

Reasons to Book This Tour

  • 🏜️ Thrill-Seekers: Perfect for adrenaline junkies with dune bashing and quad biking.
  • 🌅 Nature Enthusiasts: Ideal for those who appreciate the desert’s beauty and tranquility.
  • 🌐 Culture Curious: A must-do for anyone looking to immerse in traditional desert life and activities.

Reasons to Opt for an Alternative Tour:

  • 🤒 Motion Sensitivity: Not recommended for those who may feel uncomfortable with the rough and tumble of dune bashing or quad biking.
  • 🕖 Time Commitment: With tours lasting up to 7 hours, it might not suit those with limited time in Dubai.
  • 🌡️ Heat Sensitivity: The desert can get extremely hot, potentially uncomfortable for those not used to high temperatures.
Dubai Museum of the future tickets


Dubai's Top Cultural Activities

Embrace Dubai’s rich heritage and futuristic charm with curated experiences designed to delve into the city’s art, history, and traditions. Beyond its iconic skyscrapers and luxury malls, Dubai offers a deep cultural immersion through exclusive workshops and guided tours. Whether exploring the groundbreaking Museum of the Future, which quickly sells out due to its innovative blend of art and technology, or wandering through the historic Dubai Creek and Souks, where traditional boats and bustling markets offer a taste of local life and cuisine, each experience is a gateway to the soul of Dubai. Led by knowledgeable locals, these journeys ensure a memorable exploration of Dubai’s diverse identity, from its desert roots to its global innovation status.


Dubai Museum of the future tickets

Step into tomorrow today at Dubai’s Museum of the Future, where immersive experiences transport you 50 years ahead, offering a visionary glimpse into the wonders of future technology, lifestyle, and global progress.

What to Expect

Reasons to Book This Tour

  • 🚀 Futurists and Tech Enthusiasts: Perfect for those fascinated by what lies ahead in technology and innovation.
  • 💡 Creative Minds: Ideal for thinkers, artists, and anyone inspired by visionary ideas and future possibilities.
  • 📚 Educational Outings: An enlightening experience for families and educators seeking a thought-provoking outing.

Reasons to Opt for an Alternative Tour:

  • 🕒 Short Visits: With a duration of 1.5 hours, those looking for longer, more detailed museum experiences might wish for more.
  • 🔙 History Buffs: If you’re more interested in exploring the past rather than the future, this might not align with your interests.
  • 📆 Book Early: The museum’s popularity means tickets can sell out well in advance; last-minute planners might find it challenging to secure a spot.

7. Dubai Aladdin Tour: Guided Old Town Tour with Souks, Tastings & Boat Ride

Dubai Guided Old Town Tour with Souks, Tastings & Boat Tour

Embark on the enchanting Aladdin Tour of Old Dubai, where souks, tastings, and creek-side wonders await, all at an incredibly affordable price in one of the world’s most opulent cities.

What to Expect

The Dubai Aladdin Tour invites you on a magical journey through the heart of Old Dubai, an experience rich in culture, history, and sensory delights, yet surprisingly light on your wallet. This 3-hour tour unfurls the tapestry of Dubai’s past and present, guiding you through bustling souks, along the historic Dubai Creek, and into the vibrant Al Fahidi neighbourhood. Starting at the Al Seef Heritage Hotel, you’ll be transported into a world where traditional architecture meets the cosmopolitan vibrancy of Dubai.

As you navigate through the Al Seef district, Dubai Creek, and Bastakia Quarter, your guide will unveil the stories and secrets of the city’s maritime heritage and its significance as a trade hub. The tour promises an array of tastings – from aromatic teas and coffees to fresh juices and local street food, offering a taste of Emirati hospitality and cuisine.

Not only will you explore the Dubai Museum and the oldest building in Dubai, the Al Fahidi Fort, but you’ll also experience the traditional modes of transportation, like the “abra” water taxi. The souks of Old Dubai offer a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and smells, where you can hone your bargaining skills and perhaps find a treasure or two to take home.

This tour is designed to be both informative and immersive, providing insights into Dubai’s culture and history that you might otherwise miss. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to experience the rich tapestry of Dubai’s heritage without breaking the bank, offering a deep dive into the city’s soul. Read more on Viator.com.

Reasons to Book This Tour

  • 🛍️ Culture and History Buffs: Perfect for those interested in the rich cultural tapestry and historical depth of Dubai.
  • 🍽️ Food Enthusiasts: Ideal for anyone eager to sample traditional Emirati street food and beverages.
  • 💸 Budget-Conscious Travelers: A must-do for visitors looking for an enriching, yet affordable experience in Dubai.

Reasons to Opt for an Alternative Tour:

  • 🚶‍♂️ Limited Mobility: The walking-intensive tour might be challenging for those with mobility issues.
  • 🌡️ Heat Sensitivity: The outdoor nature of the tour can be tough for those not accustomed to Dubai’s heat, especially in summer.
  • 🕒 Short Duration: Those looking for a more leisurely or extensive exploration might find the 3-hour tour too brief.
Best one-day trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai


The Best Day Trips from Dubai

Explore the Best Day Trips from Dubai: Beyond Dubai’s futuristic skyline lies a realm of stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage awaiting exploration. Each day trip offers a unique window into the diverse charms of the United Arab Emirates. Experience the majestic Arabian Desert with an exhilarating desert safari, or immerse yourself in history and greenery in the oasis city of Al Ain, known for its lush gardens and ancient forts. For those drawn to traditional architecture and tranquil mountain vistas, Hatta provides a picturesque retreat. Additionally, a visit to Abu Dhabi is essential; witness the grandeur of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and explore the cultural treasures of the UAE’s capital. From adventure and history to serene beauty, the best day trips from Dubai unveil the myriad facets of life beyond the urban spectacle.

8. Abu Dhabi Day Trip: A Cultural Contrast from Dubai

From Dubai: Abu Dhabi Premium Full-Day Sightseeing Tour

Explore Abu Dhabi’s unique attractions on a day trip from Dubai, including the artistic Louvre Abu Dhabi. Experience a city distinct from Dubai, making it a must-visit for those with extra days.

What to Expect

Dive into the heart of the UAE’s capital with the Abu Dhabi Premium Full-Day Sightseeing Tour from Dubai. This meticulously curated excursion transports you from the bustling streets of Dubai to the serene grandeur of Abu Dhabi, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of culture, architecture, and visionary development that defines the city. Your adventure begins with a convenient hotel pickup, setting the stage for a day of exploration and discovery.

Marvel at the architectural wonder of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a beacon of Islamic craftsmanship and spiritual harmony. This tour not only grants you access but also provides insights into the mosque’s significance and the intricacies of its design, including the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet and stunning Swarovski chandeliers.

Journey along the picturesque Abu Dhabi Corniche, with its turquoise waters and modern skyline, before ascending the Etihad Towers. Here, experience the city from on high, with breathtaking views that span the expanse of the Arabian Gulf and the opulence of the Emirates Palace.

A visit to Qasr Al Watan opens doors to the nation’s heart, where you delve into the UAE’s governing traditions and cultural heritage within a working presidential palace. The palace itself is a testament to Arab craftsmanship and offers a treasure trove of artifacts and manuscripts.

This tour is not just about seeing; it’s about experiencing the essence of Abu Dhabi. From the splendor of its landmarks to the stories that have shaped this city, you’re invited to immerse yourself fully in the discovery of a city that blends tradition with futuristic ambition. Find a great Abu Dhabi Day Trip on GetYourGuide.

Reasons to Book This Tour

  • 🕌 Culture Aficionados: Perfect for those passionate about architectural marvels and cultural heritage.
  • 📸 Photography Lovers: Ideal for capturing stunning visuals of Abu Dhabi’s landmarks and landscapes.
  • 🌇 Skyline Enthusiasts: Anyone eager to soak in city views from Abu Dhabi’s towering observation decks.

Reasons to Opt for an Alternative Tour:

  • 🕒 Limited Time: The 9-hour duration requires a full day, which might not suit quick-trip visitors.
  • 🚶‍♂️ Mobility Considerations: Extensive walking and exploration might challenge those with mobility issues.
  • 🧘‍♂️ Seekers of Solitude: Those preferring quiet, less structured exploration might find the group setting and pace less appealing.
Wild Wadi Dubai


Dubai's Best Water Parks

Discover the Thrills of Dubai’s Water Parks: Dive into the world of aquatic adventure at Dubai’s renowned water parks, Aquaventure and Wild Wadi. Aquaventure, set against the backdrop of Atlantis, The Palm, thrills with its shark-filled lagoons and exhilarating slides, offering an unparalleled water experience. Wild Wadi, near the majestic Burj Al Arab, draws inspiration from Arabian folklore, providing over 30 rides and attractions that cater to both adrenaline seekers and those in search of leisurely fun. These oases in the desert embody Dubai’s spirit of luxury and adventure, making them essential destinations for anyone looking to beat the heat with a splash of excitement.

9. Atlantis Aquaventure and Lost Chambers Aquarium Combo

Atlantis Aquaventure and Lost Chambers Aquarium Combo

Dive into excitement with the Atlantis Aquaventure and Lost Chambers Aquarium combo ticket, offering unlimited access to thrilling water rides and close encounters with marine life in Dubai.

What to Expect

Embark on an unforgettable journey at Atlantis the Palm with the Atlantis Aquaventure and Lost Chambers Aquarium combo ticket. This exclusive package not only saves money but also opens the door to a full day of aquatic adventures and marine discovery in one of Dubai’s most iconic resorts.

At Aquaventure Waterpark, the premier water-themed attraction in the Middle East, unleash your inner thrill-seeker on over 105 record-breaking slides and attractions. From the pulse-pounding Leap of Faith to the dark, twisting turns of the Aquaconda, each ride offers a unique adrenaline rush. The new Surf’s Up wave rider challenges you to test your surfing skills, while the park’s lazy river invites you to relax and float through a tropical paradise. The exclusive access to a pristine private beach adds a touch of luxury, allowing you to soak up the sun in a tranquil setting.

Transition from the exhilaration of the waterpark to the enchanting world beneath the waves at the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Home to 65,000 marine animals, this aquarium offers a window into the mysterious ruins of Atlantis. Wander through underwater tunnels and chambers, coming face-to-face with sharks, rays, and colorful fish. The interactive touch tank and scheduled feedings provide an up-close look at the marine life, enriching your understanding and appreciation of the ocean’s inhabitants.

Adding the Lost Chambers Aquarium to your Aquaventure ticket brings the myths of Atlantis to life and offers a comprehensive experience that combines thrills with learning. The extra cost for including the aquarium is minimal compared to the breadth of experiences it offers, making it an investment that significantly enhances your visit to Atlantis the Palm. Read more on GetYourGuide.com.

🚀 Enhance your waterpark experience by opting for the Aquaxpress fast-track system. This add-on is worth the investment for those looking to maximize their time at Aquaventure, allowing for more rides and less waiting. For a detailed review on the benefits of Aquaxpress, visit our blog: Avoid-Crowds.com’s Aquaxpress at Atlantis Review, and see why it’s hailed as Dubai’s best skip-the-line option.

Reasons to Book This Tour

  • 🎢 Thrill-Seekers & Families: With a variety of rides catering to all ages and thrill levels, it’s the perfect day out for adventure-loving families and friends.
  • 🐟 Marine Life Enthusiasts: Those with a fascination for the underwater world will find the Lost Chambers Aquarium’s intimate encounters with marine life mesmerizing.
  • 🌴 Beach Aficionados: Guests looking to blend adventure with relaxation will appreciate the exclusive beach access, offering a serene escape within the bustling city.

Reasons to Opt for an Alternative Tour:

  • 🕒 Full-Day Commitment: The combo experience is designed to fill a day; visitors with limited time might not fully explore both attractions.
  • 🚶‍♂️ Physical Considerations: Those with health or mobility restrictions may find some attractions challenging.
  • 💰 Budget Constraints: While offering great value, budget-conscious travelers should consider the total cost, including optional fast-track access.

10. Wild Wadi Waterpark: A Splash of Fun in Dubai's Sun

Dubai: Wild Wadi Waterpark Entrance Ticket

Dive into a day full of excitement at Wild Wadi Waterpark, offering over 30 exhilarating rides and attractions, including the world’s most innovative water rollercoaster and unique surfing experiences, right in the shadow of the Burj Al Arab.

What to Expect

Step into the enchanting world of Wild Wadi Waterpark, Dubai’s premier water adventure park, perfectly positioned in front of the stunning Burj Al Arab. With a full-day entry ticket, immerse yourself in non-stop fun and adventure suitable for all ages. The park features more than 30 rides and attractions, ensuring that everyone, from thrill-seekers to those looking to unwind, finds their slice of paradise.

Experience the thrill of the Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj, rides that promise to elevate your adrenaline levels with fast-paced twists and turns. For those looking to catch some waves, the Wipeout and Riptide Flowriders offer an unparalleled surfing experience, shooting out more than seven tonnes of water per second to create realistic wave effects perfect for body-boarding or knee-boarding.

Families and those seeking a more relaxed experience will delight in the park’s lazy river, Juha’s Journey, and the wave pool of Flood River, offering a serene escape amidst the excitement. Meanwhile, the Jumeirah Sceirah stands as a beacon for the bravest visitors, with its heart-stopping drop from a height, propelling riders at speeds that have to be experienced to be believed.

Beyond the rides, Wild Wadi Waterpark caters to your every need with a selection of food and beverage stalls scattered throughout the park, allowing you to refuel and recharge without ever having to leave the fun behind. Read more on GetYourGuide

Reasons to Book This Tour

  • 🎢 Thrill-Seekers: With rides like the Jumeirah Sceirah, it’s a dream destination for adrenaline junkies.
  • 🏄‍♂️ Surf Enthusiasts: Unique to Wild Wadi, the Flowriders offer a surfing experience like no other.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Families: With attractions for all ages, it’s the perfect day out for families looking to make a splash.

Reasons to Opt for an Alternative Tour:

  • 🕒 Full-Day Commitment: To fully enjoy all the attractions, a whole day is recommended, which might not fit into everyone’s travel plans.
  • 🌞 Sun Sensitivity: Being an outdoor park, it’s important to be prepared for Dubai’s sunny climate.
  • 💸 Extra Costs: While the ticket includes access to all rides, additional expenses for food, beverages, and the fast pass option should be considered.


  1. What kind of tours and activities are available in Dubai? Dubai offers a wide range of activities, including luxury yacht cruises, desert safaris with quad biking and camel rides, admission to waterparks like Atlantis Aquaventure, cultural tours exploring old Dubai and souks, and architectural tours featuring landmarks like the Burj Khalifa.

  2. How do I decide which tour or activity is right for me in Dubai? Reflect on your interests and preferences. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, consider desert safaris or waterparks. For those interested in culture and history, a tour of old Dubai or a visit to the Museum of the Future might be appealing. Luxury seekers may opt for yacht cruises.

  3. Are there family-friendly tours and activities in Dubai? Absolutely! Waterparks like Wild Wadi and Atlantis Aquaventure are perfect for families, as are cultural tours and desert safaris designed with family-friendly activities.

  4. What should I consider when booking a tour or activity in Dubai? Look at the duration, language availability, what’s included (such as entrance fees, meals, transportation), group size for personal interaction, and cancellation policies to find a match for your needs and expectations.

  5. How much do tours and activities in Dubai cost? The cost varies widely depending on the type, exclusivity, and inclusions of the tour or activity. Basic excursions can be quite affordable, while exclusive experiences like private yacht tours may be priced higher. Always verify what’s included to assess value.

  6. Where can I book tours and activities in Dubai? Reliable travel platforms such as Viator and GetYourGuide are excellent for booking Dubai tours and activities. These sites offer comprehensive tour details, customer reviews, and flexible booking policies.

  7. Can I book tours and activities in Dubai at the last minute? Many tours and activities in Dubai allow last-minute bookings, but for highly sought-after experiences (like the Museum of the Future, which often sells out), it’s wise to book in advance.

When selecting a tour or activity in Dubai, match it with your personal interests, whether it’s adventure, culture, luxury, or family fun. Websites like Viator and GetYourGuide provide a broad selection with detailed information and reviews to help you choose confidently.


Deciding on the ideal activities in Dubai presents an exciting challenge, thanks to the city’s vast array of offerings that cater to every preference and interest. Whether your thrill comes from the heights of the Burj Khalifa, the cultural depths of the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, the adventures within vast deserts, or the luxury of a yacht cruise, Dubai promises unique experiences for every visitor.

Start with Your Interests: Begin by identifying what excites you the most. Adrenaline seekers might gravitate towards desert safaris or the world-class waterparks, while culture enthusiasts may find joy in exploring Dubai’s museums and historical sites. Culinary adventurers can embark on tours that explore Dubai’s rich food scene, offering everything from street food to gourmet dining.

Consider the Experience You Want: Are you in search of an adventure that combines luxury with excitement? Perhaps a yacht tour around the Palm Jumeirah or a helicopter ride over the city skyline fits the bill. If you’re looking for a deeper connection to Dubai’s heritage, consider a guided tour through the old city or a cultural experience that introduces you to local customs and cuisine.

Budget Matters: Dubai offers experiences across the financial spectrum. Exclusive experiences like private desert safaris or dining at the Burj Al Arab’s luxurious restaurants will be pricier, but there are also numerous value-packed tours and activities, such as public beach visits and museum entries, that allow for budget-friendly exploration.

Booking Your Activities: Utilize trusted online platforms like Viator and GetYourGuide to discover and book Dubai’s best activities. These sites offer a wide range of options with user reviews and detailed descriptions, ensuring you find activities that align with your interests and meet your expectations, all while offering flexible cancellation policies for peace of mind.

Last-Minute Decisions: Dubai is a city that caters to spontaneous travelers, with many activities available for last-minute booking. Yet, for exclusive experiences or popular attractions like the At the Top Burj Khalifa visit, advanced booking is recommended to secure your spot.

When choosing what to do in Dubai, combining your personal interests with the extraordinary opportunities available can transform your visit into an exceptional adventure. From architectural wonders and luxury experiences to cultural immersions and natural explorations, Dubai invites you to discover its many facets in ways that deeply resonate with you.


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